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What Is IV Hydration Therapy?

Intravenous (IV) Hydration Therapy is the infusion of vitamins and nutrients directly into the blood stream.
By administering these important vitamins and nutrients intravenously, the gut is bypassed which allows for a much higher absorption rate than oral vitamin supplementation and diet alone. In fact, intravenous vitamin infusions have close to a 100% absorption rate, whereas oral supplementation can be less than 10%.
With IV infusion, you are able to feel the effects quickly and enjoy the benefits longer!


Whether you are looking to help treat a hangover or give yourself the ultimate post workout recovery, we have you covered!

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The Benefits

There are many benefits from the administration of vitamins and nutrients intravenously (IV). Some of which include the following:

IV Infusion is the fastest and most effective way to see results quickly and feel better faster.

*Results vary based on type of infusion

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